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Adams Apple Eatables, LLC - Handmade Gourmet Apple Butter

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Theresa Adams, creator of Adams Apple Eatables, has vivid memories of her first apple butter encounter. As a little girl growing up in rural Illinois, she remembers watching it cook in a copper kettle on a family farm. She created her first recipe while in college, canning apple butter as Christmas gifts for family and friends. The annual tradition continued, and as fate would have it, she married an “Adams” in 1992. “Adams Apple Butter” was born. Over twenty years and thousands of homemade jars later, she now offers her perfected award-winning Adams Apple Butter recipe to satisfied customers around the country who say, “It tastes like memories”.

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• Mix into your french toast or pancake batter for a beautiful, tasty crust.

• Mix with white wine and dijon mustard for a pork or chicken glaze.

• Stir into cottage cheese

• Blend into cream cheese or serve over a block of cream cheese

• Blend into plain oatmeal

• Mix with chili sauce to liven up your baked beans

• Serve as a dip for sweet potato fries

• Stir into plain or vanilla yogurt

• Spread on a turkey or grilled cheese sandwich

• Serve over brie

• And of course it's perfect on toast or hot biscuits!


• Top your vanilla ice cream with a few tablespoons of hot jam

• Pour over a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers

• Fill pastry with jam and bake apple turnovers

• Blend with cottage cheese

• Stir into oatmeal

• Serve on pancakes, toast, or hot biscuits

• Eat it out of the jar with a spoon!


Manufactured in the Carolinas.